U.S. Military Saddles, 1812-1943

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"U.S. Military Saddles" - one of the most popular sources of information regarding military saddlery yet published. It's hard to find an avid collector, historian, or similarly obsessed person who doesn't have a copy on their shelf. Indeed, one must put this book on their "Must Have" list.
That said, it really isn't the end all source of info. This book was a preliminary work, done before "The Horse Soldier" series was published. Numerous types are missing, artillery, pack and officers equipment is lightly represented. There are some glaring mistakes (1833 and Ringgold dragoon saddles, Hope cavalry saddle, etc.) and some important omissions, such as the McClellan types used from 1893-1904, as well as a scattering of minor errors throughout the text. Considering the scope of such a project and what most readers will take away from it, it's not too bad. And there is adequate margin space for making corrective notes on your copy :-) .