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During the weekend I had the pleasure of obtaining an original Manual for Stable Sergean’ts 1917. The manual was prepared at the Mounted Service School, Fort Riley and was published in June of 1917.

The manual is a pocket size containing 219 pages of information on all aspects health and veterinary care for the cavalry horse.
The manual is broken down into to areas:
Anatomy and physiology
Conformation of external regions of the horse
Care of sick and injured
Restraint and control of animals
Actions and uses of medicines
Wounds and their treatments
Detection of lameness-Diseases of bone
Diseases and injuries of muscles, tendons and ligaments
Diseases and broken down into all the different internal systems of the horse

I have not had time to read much of the manual as of yet. But in scanning parts of the manual that there is a great section on feeds and feeding. This section goes into types of feed, when to feed and what to look for. The information contained is still as viable to today’s horseman as it was in 1917. Other sections go into what to look for in body conformation differences when looking for Cavalry mounts or draft type horses. The sections for diseases and injuries gives information as to type, causes, symptoms and treatments. The treatments are great in that they prescribe what was used for that time period.

The manual contains 58 black and white and color illustrations that are some of the best that I have seen. I have many old veterinary books dating from the early 1900’s that have been purchased by grandfathers and my dad and I would rate this one at the top for horse care for the non-veterinarian.

This is a great manual for its historical content and for information that is still applicable to today’s horseman.

The book was originally signed by RL Sanghln JR (?) then scratched out and written under this Camp Stanley Sept-25-18 Cavalry Officers’T.S. San Antonio.

Would anyone happen to know what Cavalry Officers’ T. S. would mean?

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I second your recomendation of this fascinating and informative manual. In this day and age one tends to think of that period of 85+ years ago as the dark ages, yet they were pretty advanced in the basics of anatomy and physiology. Pretty interesting medicines and remedies for diseases that are taken care of with a vaccine these days.

T.S. should stand for Training School, at least that's my S.W.A.G.[:D]