A. Dawson, Real War Horses 1814-1914

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Hi everyone! It is my first post on this excelent forum. Nice to meet You.

I want to initiate a discussion about Anthony Dawson's fresh book. The Author is one of the representatives of young generation of scholars of history of British cavalry in XIX c. Real War Horses: The Experience of the British Cavalry 1814 - 1914 is in my opinion intresting book, but rather only in situation if someone want to semi-source book, consisting from relations. I am not an expert in subject of British cavalry, so I am very intrested in question, how many new information he add through this title to historiography of this subject. In UK were published a lot of books about their cavalry and moundet forces from Napoleonic era to WW1 (Badsey's thesis about period of reforms 1880-1918, Sir Anglesy's monumental 8 volume series and other). That is why I want to ask You, what You think about this title? Is something new in Dawson's book, which was not said earlier in military historiography?

https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/cka/Real-War ... 1473847079


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As a note, it's unlikely the Western Hemisphere readers here have run across this title yet, so we'll have to count on input from European readers, fi they've caught up with this one.

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