General Reynolds saddle

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On loan to the Gettysburg visitor's center is General Reynolds saddle. The family believes that he was using it at the time he was shot in the opening moments of the battle.
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It is similar in configuration as the eagle-head saddles of the period. :eh:

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Any indication who the maker was?

This is a very interesting saddle, but I don't think these tooled horned saddles were as uncommon as the label suggests. Indeed, there seems to have been a fair number of them in use by officers who had served in the West prior to the Civil War. As officers were required to purchase their own saddles anyhow, and as this type of saddle might have been actually quite close to the standard at the time of the Mexican War, a fair number of officers may have picked up something like it. Indeed, I've seen a photo of one quite similar one in use by one of the Confederate generals who had served in the U.S. Army in the West pre war, but now I can't recall who that was.

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