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Pat Holscher
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The internet ain't what it used to be, as we long time users are well aware of. Gone are the days when a few really good sites, such as this one, had massive participation with daily posts. Instead the vapidness of Twitter and the Screaming Heads of Reddit now rule. Disinformation is the order of the day.

But we're still here, and we still get a lot of lurkers and interested folks, some with one off questions. Which brings me to this.

It's always been the case that I've gotten a number of emails with direct, often highly detailed, questions. Our founder must get zillions of them.

It's a compliment, of course, as receiving such an email assumes that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cavalry, or even all things horsey, but I don't.

The forum darned near does, however.

And that's what makes sites like this great. By posting your question here, you get the benefit of our collective knowledge, and we all get the benefit of it as well.

Indeed, there are great resources on this site, but only because it is a site that the members who are here contributed to and participated in, if in a lot of instances only in a minor way. If you are doing research and just figure that you'll benefit from emailing one of the significant participants without registering on the site, well. . . you're cheating us. You are probably cheating yourself too, as if you don't get a response, and from me you likely won't, you'll likely go on to Reddit and have your question answered by a 13 year old kid who learned everything he knows about the topic from playing Improbable Amazonian Mounted Warriors II, or something like that, or from Guy Who Watches TMC All Day who learned everything he knows from watching F Troop.

At least in my case, while I have a lot of email exchanges with members here who are my friends, I'll no longer answer emailed questions with an informative reply except in rare instances. I'm happy to answer them. . . if I know the answer (and I often don't) if they're posted here. If you want answers to your questions, and we hope you do, post the questions here.

We'll all enjoy it, and the exchange may lead to more than you suspect.


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I'm guilty of spending too much time perusing social media. There are about 4 good sites/forums that I visit on an almost daily basis, including this one.

The assembled faculty here is an astonishing library of knowledge, and it's a pleasure to be associated with it.

Now, if we could just get some SMH ties . . .
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Now, if we could just get some SMH ties . . .
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