NOTE Museum-quality COMPLETE M 1874 bridle and bit

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As some may remember, for the last year or so I have been substantially paring and refocusing my collection. The biggest motivator has been that my dream of a mini museum is not to be due both to lack of space and the frowns of my wife. Second to that is the fact that I am land poor these days and can always use more liquid cash, and finally, none of my children are interested. When through, I'll have five saddles, three with lots of the corresponding gear, and a few other neato things, as well as my sabers.

So far, my stuff has gone to two museum buyers, and the rest either to friends or on Ebay. I am also donating a select lot to the Haley Library in Midland, as did Philip last year.

That still leaves some good stuff. One of my prizes is a museum-quality M1874 bridle, complete with link strap, Shoemaker bit, curb strap, and reins. I'll have pictures shortly. I plan to offer it to the two museums who have bought much of my other 19th century equipment, but thought to let our group have a crack at it, too.

Warning to the couple of guys who tried hard to beat me down last year -- I plan to be fair, but this will NOT be sold at a fire-sale price. I have not reached a value conclusion, but obviously, the bridle in this condition along with a bit that is by itself worth $250 - $350 will not be cheap. However, you may never see a nicer example.

If you think you might have an interest let me know.

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