UP saddle markings - New Zealand

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Hi guys, I have acquired a lovely UP saddle here in New Zealand. It has a whole lot of marks on it that I can't make any sense off. Hopefully someone here can shed some light on it...
On the left side it has B I (could be1) 6
On the right side it has the following number/ letters:
F 0 3
0 (large) 7

it has what I believe is a name and number on the back, sadly this leather is in quite bad condition hence I am unable to make out exactly what it says (it seems to change the more I look at it...)
I think it says either NOBERT HUNT 5? or NO3....HUNT 5? with unreadable number below it.
Except for an M on the tree I can't seem to find anything else.

I have been trying to get the leather in better condition in order to read what is on the back however it is not clear enough, very frustrating as I'm intrigued to find out more.

Any help is appreciated as I have no idea what I am looking at.
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/Vp ... hDXqrv.jpg
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/Kx ... BcVlRY.jpg
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/8q ... nbZs8w.jpg
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/IF ... atkaUw.jpg
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/6o ... UBnEio.jpg
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/0i ... 4ZeVV7.jpg
http://files-us.myalbum.io/photo/1k0/Sj ... 7SEzmC.jpg

Thanks, Maryke

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