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Steffen’s Dragoon

In recent times, one of the most mysterious of the U.S. military saddles was the one selected in 1833, obtained for the 1st Regiment of Dragoons.  Despite clear descriptions of the saddle in both frontier explorers’ accounts and in actual government purchasing contracts, the lack of actual specimens and rampant speculation has muddied the waters …

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The US Dragoon Saddle of 1833 & Related Equipments

In the summer of 1833 there was a great deal of activity being generated by the raising of the 1st US Dragoon Regiment, then being formed at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. Unlike most equipment acquisitions for mounted units in later years, the dragoon regiment equipment, uniforms and weapons came from a wide variety of sources, mostly …

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The McClellan Saddle and Its Proposed Modifications

  By Lieut. Colonel Edgar M. Whiting, Cavalry The horse equipment of the cavalry trooper has been improved in a number of ways during the past twenty-five years, but its improvement has not kept pace with the improvement of weapons and other articles of equipment. Although a better saddle than the McClellan might be devised, …