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Saddling and Bridling As Taught In The 7th U.S. Cavalry

by Brevet Maj. Gen. Gibbs Major 7th Cavalry Leavenworth: Daily Conservative Book and Job Printing House, 13 & 15 Shawnee St. 1868 Cavalry Manual Showing the Manner of Bridling, Unbridling, Saddling, and Unsaddling a Horse; and the Manner of Folding the Saddle Blanket. The saddle being on the ground, four paces in front of the …


The Practical Use of the Saber For Cavalry Reenactors and Living Historians.

The use of the saber from horseback requires special skills not commonly practiced by many of today’s living historians. Unlike the use of the pistol or carbine in reenacting, which involves no direct contact with an opponent, the saber requires the simulation of combat by physical contact. The striking of blades, either individually or in …