The Campbell Military Saddle

This first major contender for a Grimsley replacement came in the appearance of a new military saddle and horse equipment set, invented by Daniel Campbell, a Washington D.C. harness and trunk maker of excellent reputation.  This design was made with flexible […]

Col. Henry Knox Craig and ‘The McClellan Saddle’

For many, many decades – across three centuries now – the famous George B. McClellan has been firmly identified as the “inventor” of the McClellan military saddle.  Only now is the true nature of the development of that piece of […]

Jones and Hope Saddles – The Also-Rans

Hopes and Jones saddles – those saddle names became more frequently included in Ordnance Department reports after 1855.  These names were given substantial prominence in the lists of equipment types tested, inferring a more complete methodology than close inspection might […]

The Delafield Commission

To understand the eventual victor in the saddle trials of the 1850s, a person must be familiar with one of the more interesting events in the US Army of the 1850s, the Delafield Commission, sometimes referred to as the Crimean […]