Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Society of the Military Horse. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. The forum has developed a well-deserved reputation for decorum and hospitality. We've found that this gracious behavior leads to the best conversations. We expect our participants to embrace this ethos and standard of conduct. If this standard is consistently disregarded, even after warning(s), the forum administrators have the ability and will to bar an abusive poster. #
  2. The Military Horse shall engage in the preservation of and research upon, knowledge of the horse, and other equines, in their employment in a military role. This shall include the study of, and distribution of knowledge upon, this topic as well as upon the equipment and arms associated with the military employment of horses, horse soldiers, horse drawn artillery and military horse transport.

    If your post can be associated with this high-toned policy, you're good-to-go. We go off-track occasionally, but the theme is usually anything along these lines or directly related to it. Reenacting topics are very problematic, please see the specific rule on those. Also, on a related tangent, there is one administrator in particular that has a phobia regarding “Little Big Horn battle” topics – he may still react poorly to un-restrained and highly opinionated LBH comments. #
  3. After many years of a highly restrictive policy regarding certain discussion topics regarding ‘living history’ themes, the Society has loosened these rigid standards to a small degree.

    The “Forums At The Military Horse” do not allow discussion of topics specifically regarding reenacting or reenactments. These discussions in past years caused a great deal of disruption and discord. There are many other outlets on the web for those subjects and individuals insistent upon these topics have been and will continue to be referred elsewhere. Typical topics that might be found in violation of this restriction could include: product/vendor reviews, recommendations and complaints, event announcements, event critiques, “standards of presentation”, use of terms such as “farb” or “threadcounters” (or whatever the current vernacular is for these obnoxious and derogatory terms).

    Related to these restrictions, the use of military titles or unit affiliations by any user of this website – unless this describes the users actual current or retired military rank and affiliation – will not be tolerated in any way.

    Acceptable subjects that may be of great interest to reenactors, living historians, et al could include: detailed examinations of original military equipment, uniforms, weapons, contemporary accounts of training/campaigning/combat, etc.

    Current active or reserve military and organized militia (or its equivalent) mounted units are exempt from these reenactment restrictions – for obvious reasons. Memorial and ceremonial mounted groups/units may also fall into this category, with caveat that they not be in violation of the reenacting restriction previously noted. #
  4. Given the nature of internet forums, we reserve the right to deactivate or delete accounts that have had little or no activity over a period of time. These user accounts are potential security problems (minor, but still possible), and if a user does not participate, there is no point in keeping them active.

    In general, users that do not login or post in a six-month time frame, those accounts are deleted. If a past participant no longer visits/logs in for two years, they may be deactivated. A deactivated user can be re-activated, so if you're one of these folks and it's been a long time and you cannot seem to login, let one of the admins know and we'll re-activate the account. #