Month: November 2015

Artifacts & Details

WW1 saddle ovals – variations

Anyone that has worked with a number of surplus war contract M1904 McClellans will likely have run across this variation in the brass mortice plates, also known by the manufacturers name as ‘saddle ovals’.  In general, nearly all McClellans used the smaller, slightly elongated form.  Occasionally, you’ll find a mortice plate that is rounder shape, …

Artifacts & Details

Saddle tree label – J.M.Hays Wood Products Co.

A J.M. Hays Wood Products Co. makers label, commonly found on their WW1 McClellan contract saddletrees. This is about 1″ tall and complete is about 4″ long.  This was applied on the paint applied to the tree, before the rawhide cover was sewn on.  As you can see with this particular example, the paper label …