Month: September 2015


Saddling and Bridling As Taught In The 7th U.S. Cavalry

by Brevet Maj. Gen. Gibbs Major 7th Cavalry Leavenworth: Daily Conservative Book and Job Printing House, 13 & 15 Shawnee St. 1868 Cavalry Manual Showing the Manner of Bridling, Unbridling, Saddling, and Unsaddling a Horse; and the Manner of Folding the Saddle Blanket. The saddle being on the ground, four paces in front of the …


Uncle Couvi’s Rules For Visiting A Museum To Perform Research

1. Make an appointment a. The museum business is a business with deadlines, timetables, workloads and irate bosses. Be prepared to adjust to their timetable since you are in their area of responsibility. b. Many collectors believe that museum personnel are sitting around with nothing to do and are just waiting for someone to come …