The Society of the Military Horse



Dedicated to the discovery, dissemination, and preservation
of the history of the horse in military service throughout the world.


About The Society of the Military Horse

The Society shall engage in the preservation of and research upon, knowledge of the horse, and other equines, in their employment in a military role.

This shall include the study of, and distribution of knowledge upon, this topic as well as upon the equipment and arms associated with the military employment of horses, horse soldiers, horse drawn artillery and military horse transport.

The scope of the Society of The Military Horse shall include the all aspects of this topic, including historical and material topics. It is anticipated that the Society shall use, but not be limited to, its website for the distribution of such knowledge.

Quaere veritatem tunc conserva.

'Verbs in the imperative singular call on each hearer and reader (imperative plurals, "quarete" and "conservate" would call on all hearers and readers). "Conserva" means "keep, preserve, maintain", but "serva" can mean as little as "take note of, pay attention to, watch."

Thoughtful Romans, many but not all, would, I think, be uncomfortable with the accusative "veritatem" which implies that truth can be firmly grasped. Those Romans would prefer, instead, the modest ablative, "de veritate", which means "concerning truth". For the framers of this sentence, however, "veritatem" seems to come closer to the heart of the matter. The line between good and bad style bends with persuasion.'

The Society has operated under a specific mission, and followed established policies and procedures. After many years of a highly restrictive policy regarding certain discussion topics regarding ‘living history’ themes, the Society has loosened these rigid standards to a small degree. To read more

Donations made via the PayPal system to the Society will be applied to the costs of maintaining and operating the website. If there are any additional funds available after these costs are covered, those funds will be retained for future website costs, or future projects that will benefit the Society membership and website visitors and users. To donate, click here


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