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Artillery Harness & Saddlery

Chapter Sixth of the United State Ordnance Manual of 1861
This chapter is from the United State Ordnance Manual of 1861, and contains the detailed information regarding artillery harness, packsaddle and harness for the mountain artillery, cavalry equipment, preservation of harness in storage, and horseshoes.  

The First McClellan Artillery Saddle
First and foremost, this document is from an original copy of correspondence in the collection of the Rock Island Arsenal Museum, Rock Island Ill., which details the first known approved issue of McClellans specifically manufactured for the artillery service.  

The Improved Artillery Harness of 1887, utilizing the McClellan saddle
The first complete harness set that utilizing the McClellan saddle.  Before this time, the harness was essentially the same at the 1861/Civil War period issue harness.

United States Field Artillery Harness
by Lt. Edgar H. Yule

Published in the Journal of United State Artillery, 1906, Lt. Yule was attempting to address known problems with the harness then in use. Even in 1906, it appears from reaction to this article that extensive testing and consideration was on-going, testing that would culminate in the results of the 1909 artillery board's harness design that did away with leather traces and collars entirely. Lt. Yule's efforts, although notable, were not to yield much fruit. It is interesting to see the equipment in actual use in 1905/6 in the accompanying plates.

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Individual Images

Individual Mount w/ regulation equipment in place
Off-side Mount w/ regulation equipment in place
Wheel mount breeching assembly detail photo
Line drawing - Off-side mounts with harness parts ID'ed
M1893/6 McClellan w/ brass stirrups - full rigging shot (38K) 
M1893/6  McClellan w/ brass stirrups - saddle only (56K)
   Interesting variant using M1893 style rigging ring safes with later model 4" rings.
M1904 Sweat Leathers
  These were used for artillery saddles