Mounted uniforms in general officer use (Patton)

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Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:03 pm

Actually, the USAF tiger stripe uniform works surprisingly well on large expanses of pavement, especially if it's cluttered with various equipment, so maybe the Air force is onto something.
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Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:03 am

Pat Holscher wrote:
Pat Holscher wrote:1945 Example:


Patton and Bradley. In this photo, Patton's wearing cut down three strap boots, and is carrying an ivory handled revolver, but is otherwise in standard uniform attire, although his "Ike" jacket is a cut down service coat, I think (which was fairly common for officeres at this point). Bradley is actually departing a bit, I think as he appears to be wearing a khaki trench coat, which was not, I think, a U.S. item at the time. An olive one was an authorized item for officers. Bradley is also wearing paratrooper boots (or perhaps an unusual example of M44 boots, which generally didn't make it to Europe). Generally, officers wearing paratrooper boots was an irritant to paratroopers, who by this point in the war weren't receiving them.

Off topic really, but a photo like this really shows something in sharp contrast with the practices today.

Here we see some U.S. general officers who are in a combat zone. They're relatively dressed up, but carrying sidearms, etc. As they are in a war zone, during the biggest war we ever fought, carrying sidearms makes sense. But they're still dressed like, well, generals.

Over the weekend, Gen. Casey, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, appeared on the news show "This Week". Gen. Casey was wearing his ACUs.

ACUs are a uniform that, supposedly, is designed with a singular purpose. Keeping you hidden from the enemy. Granted, they aren't working, and seem likely to be replaced, but that was the purpose. Supposing that the enemy wasn't lurking at ABC, or anywhere Gen. Casey goes on a regular basis, the ACUs seem sort of out of place.

I suppose it's in the nature of grumping, but if the general officers of WWII, a really huge war, who were often within artillery range, and a few of whom were killed in action, saw fit to at least somewhat appear to be general officers, it's hard to figure why the Chief of Staff of the Army feels he needs to dress in a combat uniform in Washington D.C. George Marshall managed to run the war without running around dressed like a paratrooper, after all.

Gen. Casey on "This Week", sporting his ACU's: ... orism.html

This same topic, sort of, shows up in a surprising place:

Froma Harrop commenting on Peggy Noonan, both of whom are contrasting our current generals' uniform appearance in contrast with those of old.

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Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:17 pm

New ACUs

New uniforms premiere at Fort Sill ... -fort-sill

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Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:32 am

Couvi wrote:New ACUs

New uniforms premiere at Fort Sill ... -fort-sill

On the new version, the pockets are shaped differently and placed closer to the sternum. The shoulders of the blouse are narrower, and it fits more tightly around the armpits.

"What's nice about it is for people who have curves and different body structures, it just looks like a more professional, neat, clean appearance. The old one, it looked more box-shaped and (designed) for a certain type of body shape. For the rest of us, it looked kind of (like) pajamas," Richardson said.

There used to be this person, called a "tailor." Apparently, it is a dying art.
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