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A 1902 UP saddle marked D Mason Walsall and date stamped 1940. This saddle is currently in the possession of West Midlands Police Museum. They acquired it with a job lot of equipment when the mounted department was closed down. It was never issued to the department. It was a gift to the head of department. When he left he had no room to store it and so abandoned it in the stores. The Museum is now aware of this and are looking to dispose of the saddle as it is not relevant to the collection. I have said I would like to have it to help create a display of cavalry equipment at the Great War Hut on Cannock Chase. The hut is one of the originals from the2 huge training camps built on the Chase to train infantry for the 14/18 war. The hut is owned by the AONB but is manned by volunteers at weekends with their own collections. All these collections are infantry related. I would like to introduce information about the cavalry and the use of the horse during the conflict and the saddle would be a big help to that end. I already have a suitable bridle, 9 pocket bandolier and 1908 pattern thrusting sword. The saddle is minus stirrups and leathers but I have some of those. It is also without a girth and surcingle but I know where I can get replicas.
The Museum is quite happy for me to have the saddle to use for educational purposes but would like to have some idea as to its value. I do hope someone on the forum will be able to help. Many thanks
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