Medals Description Recipients


Society Member
For those that have demonstrated a degree of fellowship and common interest in the advancement of the goals of the Society, there is a special recognition. All candidates for membership are nominated, and approved by the Society members. Alex, Anita, bisley45, Bob Rea, browerpatch, Camp Little, Couvi, dallas, David Hamilton, David Webb, detriquette, dimarcol, FtValleyPS, G.KUSH.UE, Gary S, george seal, Gordon_M, Greg Bradley, J.A. Pudil, jan, Jim Bewley, Jim Ottevaere, Joe Sweeney, John Fitzgerald, John M, John Ruf, John Tremelling, Joseph Sullivan, JV Puleo, Kelton Oliver, Ken McPheeters, Kevin Fox, Kurt Hughes, Landsjunge, Larry Emrick, Light Dragoon, LPJones, luigi, M. Freire, mitch fenton, monahan, Oscar Torres, Pat Holscher, Pat Truxillo, Philip S, Ralph Lovett, Redhorse, Rick Throckmorton, Rob Thomas, Ron Smith, roy elderkin, Sam Cox, selewis, stablesgt, Step Tyner, the Saint, tmarsh, Todd, Tom Muller, Tom Smith, Trooper, wkambic
In Memoriam
An mark of respect for fallen Society members. David Webb, detriquette, elcutachero, Kevin Fox, Tom Smith


In recognition of selfless financial donations, a small token to demonstrate to others that a forum participant has shown appreciation for, and faithful support for, the mission of the Society. Alex, Barbara, JV Puleo, mnhorse, TL Foster
Donation - 2nd
Awarded for a second annual donation to the Society Dpuckey, John Lindly, John Ruf, kenrknopp, Steve
Donation - 3rd
Awarded for a third annual donation to the Society David Webb, Jim Bewley, selewis, stablesgt
Donation - 4th
Awarded for a fourth annual donation to the Society dallas, John M
Donation - 5th
Awarded for five annual donations made in support of the Society Medal Not Issued
Donation - 6th
Awarded for six annual donations made in support of the Society Couvi, FtValleyPS, roy elderkin
Donation - 7th
Awarded for seven annual donations made in support of the Society Joseph Sullivan
Donation - 8th
Awarded for eight annual donations made in support of the Society Kurt Hughes, Philip S
Donation - 9th
Awarded for 9th annual donation. Trooper
Donation - Origin
Donations of long-term financial support and in-kind donations. Jim Ottevaere, Pat Holscher, Todd